Q & A

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+ Do you bake all your cakes from scratch? ?

Yes we do! We bake each one of our cakes using only the highest quality ingredients.

+ What information do I need to provide in order to get a quote? ?

The best way to contact us is through email. Fill out our Cake Request form.

+ How much are your cakes?

Here at The Cake Shop we create cakes that are custom to each one of our clients. Price will vary depending on design, for this reason we do not have a pricing list.

+ Do you bake gluten free / nut free cakes?

We are not a gluten free / nut free bakery. We are very careful when it comes to dietary requirements but if you have an allergy we must advise you to use your discretion.

+ Do you have cakes available daily?

As a destination custom cake shop and desserts we make all of our cakes to order. For this reason we do not hace cakes to go.

+ How far in advance do I need to place a custom cake / custom dessert order by?

Minimum 4-6 weeks notice on any custom order; and 10 weeks for wedding cakes. However we highly recommend you place your order as soon as possible since we sometimes reach capacity sooner than expected.